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I wish our schools taught history this way

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When you come to think of it, it is indeed remarkable that we now have petabytes of digital content accessible to us at the click of a button. Though it’s hard to imagine what uses the internet could have apart from delivering cat pictures straight to our smartphones, I just found out about a wonderful little website named YouTube that you might have never heard of.

Jokes apart, there is this particular series of videos on DreamWorksTV channel aptly titled ‘Sung History’ which present historical figures in a never seen before avatar. The videos are funny, creative as hell and an entire song is spun around the person for each video. I was actually surprised at the production quality of each songs, but this is DreamWorks and top production values are more or less expected from them.

I have compiled some of the best ones in the series in this post.

No history lesson begins without the mention of Mahatma Gandhi!

Abraham Lincoln

Edison & Tesla

Christopher Columbus

Genghis Khan

Sir Isaac Newton

Wright Brothers

Julius Caesar

History would have been much less boring if only we had access to such content when we were in schools.

There are a few more in the series. Do check all of them out on YouTube. My personal favorite is the one on Isaac Newton. Which one is yours? Let me know in the comments section below.

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